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Complete Services from Professional Tree Surgeons in Guildford

Based in Cranleigh and serving the surrounding towns of Guildford, Horsham and Crawley, our company delivers professional tree surgery, landscaping and fencing services to domestic and commercial clients in Guildford, West Sussex and Hampshire. The Titchmarsh Tree Surgery in Guildford is an established business with many years of combined grounds and garden maintenance experience. Here, we describe some of our key services in brief detail but if you would like to find out more about our work, we’re only a phone call away.

Home and Garden Landscaping

Tree Surgery Services

Hedge Trimming and ShapingHedge Trimming and Shaping

We use traditional trimming practices to help maintain the size and shape of hedges in and around your property. Our portfolio of previously completed work contains examples of our finished hedge trimming work.



Fencing Services in GuildfordFencing Services in Guildford

We regularly undertake fencing projects in Guildford, Cranleigh and the surrounding local area. Titchmarsh Tree Surgery in Guildford for fencing work and prices include the dismantling, removal and disposal of old fencing in Guildford. We generally give our customers the freedom to choose their own fencing but we can supply for you if required. Our Landscaping team erects fencing, posts and gates. If you prefer to use timber posts, we can preserve them by fitting saver sleeves during installation.



Roofing and Chimney RepairsRoofing and Chimney Repairs

We’re already familiar with safe work-at-height practices so roofing and chimney repairs are a natural extension of our services. Our team replaces lost or broken tiles and much of the work we undertake in the Guildford area stems from storm damage. Because we’re also familiar with foliage through our tree surgery work, we prune and maintain plant life around chimney stacks to reduce the risk of structural damage.



Clearance WorkClearance Work

We have the capabilities and the equipment to undertake garden clearance work in preparation for future projects on your domestic property. We also deliver commercial site clearance services that prepare areas for ongoing landscaping and construction work in Guildford and our wider trading zone.



Mole InfestationsMole Infestations

We’ve seen the damage that moles can cause to gardens many times. Protect your own outdoor spaces by calling us in to perform an assessment. We’ll find a safe and humane way to deal with troublesome moles and implement strategies to stop them returning in the future.

Deadwood RemovalDeadwood Removal

Our tree surgeons take great care to only remove dead, dying or diseased wood from the tree crown with the ultimate objective of keeping your favourite specimens safe and healthy. We provide this service throughout Guildford and the entire Southeast of England.



Crown ThinningCrown Thinning

We selectively remove limbs from the tree crown to promote light penetration and allow for better movement of air.




Tree FellingTree Felling

While we only like to fell trees as a last resort, we understand that safety concerns always take priority. We use sectional dismantling to remove limbs in stages, working downwards from the top of the tree. This system ensures we never cause damage to surrounding areas and property.



Pruning and ShapingPruning and Shaping

These traditional tree surgery practices help to maintain natural shape, provide balance and encourage fresh growth. Some trees require more regular and remedial work than others. This is particularly true of younger trees, where we use formative training methods that create a more balanced structure when the tree matures. The training methods our tree surgeons use make management of the adult tree less intensive. The tree surgeons at the Titchmarsh Tree Surgery can undertake formative pruning projects throughout Guildford.



Stump GrindingStump Grinding

Our tree surgeons use stump grinding equipment to reduce the stump to below-ground level after we’ve completed a tree felling project.





Pollarding is a process where we cut back larger limbs to encourage the growth of a bushy foliage. This stops individual branches from outgrowing their natural space, casting too much shade, obstructing electrical wires or streetlights and blocking nearby guttering.

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