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Safe and Ethical Tree Surgery Services in Surrey

At the Titchmarch Tree Surgery, we pride ourselves on our customer-led outlook and finding solutions for any problems that trees could be causing within the confines of any property in Surrey. Our tree surgeons make safety a priority and we use ethical tree surgery practices that shape gardens and woodlands for the future.


Trees are understandably heavy so disease or damage could pose risks for your property. Overgrown limbs can also cause problems. Whether you need us for tree removals or for formative pruning work anywhere in Surrey, the Titchmarch Tree Surgery can help.


Our tree surgeons will carry out a full and professional survey of each tree and will decide on a suitable course of action that benefits both the tree and the property owner.


In the case of a tree removal, our Surrey-based tree surgeons will carry out one of the following procedures:

Sectional Tree Felling

This method is used when there is a potential risk to property or the public. The process is built around entire removal but the tree is taken apart in sections. We do this with the controlled use of cutting equipment and ropes, bringing the tree down in carefully managed sections.

Directional Tree Felling

Our tree surgeons only use the directional tree felling process when there is no risk of damage to your Surrey property and no risk to the welfare of the public. This is a traditional form of tree surgery where the tree is guided by ropes and falling wedges to direct a safe fall in the right direction.


This will leave a stump of around 1.5m to 2m high. We can use specialist stump grinding equipment to remove the last remaining part of the tree.

Fencing Services in the Guildford Area

Our company undertakes landscaping work anywhere in Surrey on a one-off, seasonal or contract maintenance basis. We can assist with an original garden design to transform your outdoor space or provide ongoing services to help preserve the appearance of an established garden. All landscaping designs are built around your personal concepts.


Landscaping services include turf laying, hedge trimming, plant bedding and general tidying. We can undertake work on any domestic or commercial property.


Clients in Surrey can also choose our company for any fencing requirements they may have. We can source fencing on your behalf or perform an installation on panels you may have already purchased. Our fencing services include the fitting of post and gates. If required, we can fit saver sleeves to timber posts prior to installation.

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